Fire Stations

The Northwest Fire District services over 110,000 people and 3,300 business across a 140-square mile area. Our Jurisdiction includes areas within the Town of Marana and unincorporated Pima County north of the city of Tucson. The northern portion of our jurisdiction runs along Tortolita Mountains to an area just south Gates Pass in Tucson Mountain County Park. The most eastern side of our boundary runs along 1st Ave with the western side traveling through the Town Marana.

The location of each fire station is based on an assessment of our community's risks, call loads and types, and areas that offer rapid responses to address these identified risks. This ongoing assessment of our District is part of the Northwest Fire District's accreditation process through the Commission of Fire Assessment International and is captured in a document known as the "Standards of Coverage." The document establishes our baseline response standards along with goals we intend to reach in the coming years. It is a reflection of our commitment to continually improve NWFD's service delivery and the cornerstone piece in determining where stations should be located to ensure a high level of service and rapid response.

District Map With Stations Station 36 Station 37 Station 39 Station 34 Station 38 Station 33 Station 30 Station 31 Station 32 Station 35
NWFD Station 36
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